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deadpool bi-annual

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Holy shit

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A few hours after the site went live.

Client: I don’t see us on the Google. Shouldn’t the Google be impressed with my website??

Me: No matter what we do, it still takes time to index. The site should start appearing within a month or so. Your brand is very unique.

Client: That’s not fast enough. Should I call the Google?

Me: …You can try.

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I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.

to catch a redditor

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I just laughed so hard about this I’m crying and now I feel sick.Lee is my hero.


I just laughed so hard about this I’m crying and now I feel sick.
Lee is my hero.

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Seems like I’m officially desensitized to grubs.

We have one cupboard in the flat in which we store all of your food. Each flatmate has a half of a shelf and it’s usually packed with food. This summer, while I was in the flat alone, moths managed to get into the cupboard and started building nests. I didn’t realize it was even happening until one day I wanted to make Chicken Viennese and when I poured flour out of the bag onto a plate a little moth larva was squirming around in it. I thought I was going to puke right then and there. I threw out the flour, the breadcrumbs, everything that looked like it could contain the future moth population, but only the stuff on my part of the cupboard, ‘cause I didn’t want to storage through my flatmates’ stuff (or in truth, because I was scared I would find a ginormous nest somewhere).

For the next two weeks I kept the vacuum cleaner in the kitchen, so whenever I opened the cupboard door I could just suck up the moths that happened to be there. I must’ve killed more than fifty this way. Finally my roommate came to the flat and I asked her to look through her own stuff. The nest I feared to find really was there, inside her bag of chocolate muesli. She cleaned it up and for a while it seemed like that would be it.

Today I got a little peckish and went rummaging through the cupboard, and found a marble cake I bought last week. I made sure to put it inside a plastic bag, so it wouldn’t dry up (and so no moths might get to it). I started cutting out small pieces while I was watching something on the computer, when I felt something move on my right hand. I looked down and saw a larva moving on my hand, which was holding a piece of marble cake.

My first thought was ‘omg I’m probably gonna have to hurl, but I’m so hungry I don’t wanna not be able to eat cause I’m grossed out’. Turns out my stomach didn’t even flinch. I stood up, threw the larva into the toilet and checked the bag I had the marble cake in (turns out it has a hole, but whether that was there before or if the moths managed to bite through it is a mystery). When I came back I picked up another piece of marble cake and again a larva was tickling me on my right hand. I repeated the drowning, tried to figure out where the second one had come from, since the original packaging of the cake didn’t have any signs of hatched eggs, nor did the plastic bag that I put around it.

After the thorough checking didn’t bring up any more grubs, I just kept on eating, albeit by breaking the marble cake pieces into bite-sized clumps before putting them in my mouth. No queasiness, no repulsion, nothing. I’m sort of proud of myself now. Though I am scratching myself all over ‘cause I feel like there’s still stuff moving on my body that shouldn’t be there.

I hope I managed to gross a few people out with this story :D

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44% of the audience of Guardians of the Galaxy is female and all the speculation states that women went to see it for Chris Pratt’s body. I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe (and this is crazy) they just like kickass movies with space shit and explosions. Maybe women can do things without men being their motivation. Maybe.

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IN 2016 (x)

"[Deadpool] will actually have no connection to the one that was in Wolverine," said Reynolds.


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Solo queue hero or world champion; every warrior needs an anthem.

Imagine Dragons made a song and music-video for the League of Legends World Championships and you really don’t need to be an esports fan to like the song.

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typing kkk instead of kk:


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The progression of video games in a few decades.

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Sometimes I feel like shutting my brain off for a while and put on something dubstep-y, shred-y, bass-y, just so the beat itself can make me NOT think for a while. 

It hasn’t been working for a few days now and I don’t know what to do instead. 

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